A closer look at Boof



What do I
do?  I have Carpenter & Wickman on DL – is it time to drop Carpenter –
Have Haren, Bedard, James, E. Santana (Can he pitch at home all year?), Maine,
Lilly & Lincecum as starters & Nathan, Rivera (what possessed me to
draft a Yankee?), R. Soriano with a waiver claim on M Gonzalez.  Also would you pitch
& ditch with Boof? Thanks guys – you
got me into 1st place in my division!


Dave in




Even though it’s incredibly
frustrating to lose a guy as dominant as Carpenter, I wouldn’t drop him. He’s expected back in August, and if healthy,
will certainly help your team in the stretch run. Unless you are absolutely ravaged by injuries
and cannot afford to use another DL spot, keep Carpenter around.          

As for the rest of your pitching staff,
you may want to add another arm from the waiver wire. I like the players you have, but relying on
both Maine and Lilly to keep pitching like front line starters might be asking too much. You would also like to have the luxury of
being patient with Lincecum.

I definitely endorse the idea of
pitching and ditching with Bonser. He’s
allowed a combined four runs over his last three starts, and boasts an
excellent strikeout rate (32 K’s
in 31 2/3 IP). His only real awful
outing this season came against the Yankees, a team you wouldn’t dare start him
against anyway. Feel confident playing
the matchups with Boof.


— Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

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