Middle-man crunch

I have Cano, Furcal, Roberts, and Reyes for 3 spots. The only categories I’m not first place in are Wins and RBIs (where I’m third). Right now I am benching Cano. Should I play the hot bats or trade one of them?
Dan in Mass.


Definitely try trading one of these guys. Cano, Furcal, Roberts, and Reyes are all elite middle infielders. By continually benching one of them, you are missing out on a great opportunity to strengthen other areas of your team.

If I had to pick one to trade (and this is far from an easy decision), it would be Roberts. Hold onto Furcal, as his trading value is at a low. Furcal’s early season struggles should be expected, so don’t get scared off by his .225 average. Last year, he hit .198 in April only to respond with a .311 May. As for Cano, he’s the one player in this group who will give you something different from the other three. While Reyes, Roberts, and Furcal are all primarily speedsters, Cano should provide a .300 average, 15-18 homers, and 90 RBI. Although Roberts already has 12 steals, keep in mind that he has zero 40 SB seasons and has stolen 30 just once. He seems like a nice trade chip to me!

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

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