Stick with Rolen

Hey fellas,
Quick question regarding Scott Rolen – I’m in a 6×6 roto league with him at third base, and he’s been stinking the place out since day one. Is he worth holding on to at all, given that there are holes in his swing everywhere and his team aren’t exactly tearing it up in the first place? If so, what kind of trade value – particularly at the hot corner – do you think I can expect back from him?

Thanks a bunch guys.

L-Train, UK


We’re used to seeing Rolen fade come September, but this year he’s doing the exact opposite. Rolen came into the season saying he felt better health wise than he had in a long time, and I still find it hard to imagine that he doesn’t finish the season with the usual near .300 average, 20-25 homers, and 90 plus RBI. He’s simply too good a hitter to let a month long slump extend much further. One good sign is Rolen’s trademark low strikeout total (14 K’s in 100 AB’s), so it’s very possible that a higher percentage of balls put in play will start to drop in. I would stick with Rolen, as you never like to suffer through a player’s slump only to see him turn it around after you deal him away. But if you’re set on trading him, don’t settle for anything less than the Chipper Jones-Troy Glaus-Eric Chavez tier of third basemen.

Zach Steinhorn,


There;s a certain amount of injury risk with all of those 3B mentioned so that shouldn’t be an issue in determining whether or not to trade Rolen. Unless you find an owner who really likes him what’s the point of trading Rolen for another guy on his level? I think you should wait it out with Rolen. He has a contact rate of 86%, which is very good and a hit rate of only 22% which is very low. His hit rates are normally in the low 30s which would significantly raise his BA. If he raises that then he should have more RBI, score more runs and if you have OBP or OPS as your 6th category then it would help there too. If BB/K ratio is the extra cat, then he is pretty good there too at .60. His numbers show that he has been a victim of some bad luck, much like Cory has been saying that BJ Upton has been reaping the benefits of some good luck this year. Rolen should be just fine and like Zack said put up some very good numbers by the end of September.

Mike in CT

I had a very similar question about Joe Crede, who hasn’t been doing much better than Rolen this year. Should I hang on to him or look for a deal?

– Jon in SD

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