What goes Upton …

Chris in Columbus- two questions: What can i expect to get for Boss Man Jr (Upton) in terms of OF? Could Upton plus Pierre get me Bay? Does King Felix go right back into a starting spot, even with his pitch limit?


We’re all waiting for Upton to slow down, and we’re still waiting! Incredibly, Upton has a .345 batting average despite striking out 45 times and walking just 11 times in 119 ABs. Though B.J. certainly has the power and speed combination to be a fantasy stud for years to come, he’s also an excellent guy to consider trading. You simply cannot have over a four to one strikeout to walk ratio and be a consistent hitter in the big leagues. The plate discipline will eventually come for Upton, but his immediate trade value will never be higher than it is now. You can try offering Upton and Pierre for Bay, but I doubt that would get it done considering that your trading partner would be losing an awful lot of power. Aim for struggling outfielders with a proven track record like Hideki Matsui or Bobby Abreu. If homers are your main need, how about Gary Sheffield? It’s always risky trading away emerging young hitters, but dealing Upton now is certainly a risk worth taking.

As for King Felix, he’s set to make the start Tuesday vs the Angels. And don’t worry about pitch limits. Just be glad the King is healthy again!

— Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

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Thanks for the advice zach, unfortunately i already have both sheff and abreau. I am going to hold on to Upton for a while, and hopefully have a spot to play him after hafner gets 1b eligible after interleague.

Felix looked sharp and I have no regrets plugging him back in, even if my ERA did rise a little. Long Live the King!

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