Getting Manny to be Manny

Hey guys, is this a fair trade for a 12 team, 5×5 roto, keeper: I’d give away JJ Hardy and Bedard for Manny. Vic in Dominican Republic


I have no problem with this deal’s fairness. We all know what Manny can do when he gets going, so trying to trade for him while his stock is relatively low is a good idea. And you’re certainly giving up enough. But you may even be giving up a bit too much. Hardy will eventually cool down significantly from his 54 home run, 161 RBI pace, but he’s still a safe bet for around 25 homers to go along with a solid average, all this at a middle infield position. While Bedard’s 4.67 ERA isn’t that impressive, his 63 K’s in 54 innings and 1.31 WHIP show that he’s been the victim of some bad luck. I expect him to go through a dominant stretch soon. All in all, this is a fairly balanced trade, especially in a keeper league, as the guys you’re giving up have tons of future upside. Try substituting a slightly lesser pitcher for Bedard, and I would like this deal more.

— Zach Steinhorn,

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i just traded hardy for manny straight up

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