Making power moves

Two trade questions….just want your expert opinions. Both standard vanilla 12 team head 2 head leagues. Trade 1) I give up Posada, Dunn, and Penny for Martin, Ichiro and Arroyo. Trade 2) I give up JJ Hardy and Francoeur for Pujols and Marcus Giles. I would bring Furcal off my bench to my starting lineup and play Chris Young in Francoeur’s place.
Zane in Calgary


Make both of these trades now! In the first trade, the change at catcher from Posada to Martin is a downgrade, but only a slight one. Posada is off to a great start, but he’s a career .273 hitter, which means that his current average of .371 is due to take a huge hit. In other words, you would definitely be picking the right time to trade Jorge. Martin doesn’t quite have Posada’s power, but he’ll hit for a good average and do something 99 percent of catchers don’t…steal bases (he already has 7 SB’s). Getting rid of Penny is also a wise move. This guy always amazes in the early months only to implode in August and September. The All-Star Game starter for the NL last year, Penny went on to post a 6.25 ERA in 15 starts after the Midsummer Classic. I view Arroyo as a much more reliable pitching option. When considering the outfielders, think about where Ichiro and Dunn were taken in most drafts. Ichiro was a late second-early third rounder while Dunn usually lasted until rounds 6-8. By dealing Dunn, you’ll miss out on 30 or so homers from here on out, so make sure you have other power options. But as long as you’re not struggling in home runs, this trade is a nice one.

Trade 2 is a no-brainer, not only because you get Pujols at a cheap price, but because you have so much bench depth. Furcal can easily have a more productive June through September than Hardy, and even though I’d rather have Francoeur than Young, the difference is not that huge. Are Pujols and Giles worth the small gap between Francoeur and Young? Absolutely.

— Zach Steinhorn,

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