Time ticking for Pujols

Hey guys,
I am in a 12-team non-keeper mixed league and the following trade has been offered to me: I would get K-Rod and Chipper for Pujols and would drop Accardo. I am currently starting Lowell at 3rd. What do you think about this trade?

New York, NY


This trade is certainly a fair one, and accepting it wouldn’t be a bad decision, especially if you are weak at closer. But here’s why I don’t like it. Whenever you’re giving up the best player in the deal, who in this case happens to be the consensus top overall pick, you have to be careful. By agreeing to this trade, you’re essentially dealing away Pujols and Accardo for Chipper and K Rod. Is the upgrade from Accardo to K Rod greater than the downgrade from Pujols to Chipper? I don’t think so. While Chipper enjoyed perhaps the hottest April of his career, he’s struggled of late (7 for his last 28, 0 HR, 3 RBI). And that’s not to mention the significant injury risk that comes with owning Jones. Even though Accardo lacks experience in the closer role, he’s a former top prospect and has performed well since taking over for Frasor. Barring a complete collapse, Accardo should hold onto the job for the rest of the season. K Rod is undoubtedly a significant improvement, but as long as you’re not desperate for saves, I’d take my chances with Pujols. Your patience will be rewarded!

— Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com

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Im in 14-team non keeper mixed league and im really undecided on weather to do a trade that was just offered to me. I would be recieving Carl Crawford for Jermaine Dye and B.J Upton who have both pretty pretty hot lately. Right now my left fielder Ryan Freel and ill move him to third and put crawford in left if i do the trade. What do you think about this trade?

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