Nathan’s one of a kind


12 team, 5×5, non-keeper. I have Derrek Lee. I would trade Lee for Joe Nathan. I am low in saves. What do you think?



Assuming you have other quality options at first base to take over for Lee, I would do this deal for one simple reason: Joe Nathan is arguably the best closer in baseball. Let’s not downplay the loss of Lee here, but let’s also remember that this isn’t the same Derrek Lee we saw hit .335 with 46 homers back in 2005. Since then, it’s been one injury after another for the Cubs’ first baseman. A sore neck limited Lee to pinch-hitting duties over the weekend, but he’s slated to return to the lineup on Tuesday. Still, expecting more than 30 home runs and 100 RBI for the season is probably unrealistic, as Derrek’s ability to stay on the field these days is a legitimate concern. While replacing Lee won’t be easy, finding a closer of Nathan’s caliber is even harder.

– Zach Steinhorn

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