Selling low on Zambrano

Big trade Question, please answer this for me, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!

I give up: Michael Young/Carlos Zambrano/ Victorino

I get: Hanley/Gorzelanny /Sexson (I think Sexson has some major upside coming)

Also I have plenty of speed already (Sizemore and Crawford)

Dear Anonymous Person,

Make the trade. I usually try to avoid selling low on players with the track record of Young, but you’re getting Hanley in return, which is a clear upgrade at SS, especially in steals. Because you’re gaining a good 30 SB’s from here on out by going from Young to Hanley, you can easily afford the loss of Victorino, who does little else but steal bases. Carlos Zambrano is fresh off yet another pounding (7 ER in 6 2/3 IP vs the White Sox), and you all know my feelings about this guy, who I’m convinced is hiding an injury. Sexson has never been known for a high average, but he’s also not known for a .172 average. Even if he finishes the year at .250, that’s 78 points Sexson’s due to make up. I agree with your hunch that Richie will soon heat up. Gorzelanny has been on fire in May (2-1, 1.67 ERA), and while he’s no Zambrano, he’s a useful starter. But it’s the acquisition of Hanley and Sexson that makes this deal a win!

— Zach Steinhorn,

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With regard to Zambrano, he has apparently been pitching with a lowered arm angle; combined with his usage history and the drop in his K rate from 8.8 last year to 6.6 this year, it looks bad for him but good for you if that was your worry.

Good Luck!

Pat DiCaprio

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