To Trade or Not to Trade?

Morning boys, long time podcast listener, wish i could watch live but have a stupid real world career that interferes with my fantasy baseball career🙂 Quick offer here, wanted to see what you thought. It was offered to me today.

I would be trading Peralta, Valverde, and Markakis FOR Tejada, Broxton and Sexson

I am fairly weak in saves and valverde is my best guy. (also have Rafael Soriano) i have a logjam at 1B with Fielder and Laroche so i don’t need Sexson although i think the best part of his season is yet to come. What about removing Sexson and substituting in Kinsler in a counter offer. (i have Cano and Kendrick at 2B) Could turn around and deal Sexson or Laroche too… i need to do any of this?

(It is a 6×6, h2h, 25 man roster keeper league, keep 12 players) I am 2nd in my division, 6th in the league overall.



Calgary, Alberta


Please don’t mind me asking, but what’s the purpose of these trades? If you are weak in saves, why are you trading Valverde? I understand he has some risk attached based on his midseason meltdown last year, but he’s been awfully good in 2007 (17 saves, 2.66 ERA) and has a strong hold on the Arizona closer job. Even though Broxton is the “closer of the future”, the way Saito is pitching, Broxton may very well remain a setup guy for the rest of the season. The first trade would only make your saves situation worse. If you really want Tejada and/or Sexson, why not start by offering Peralta and Markakis for Tejada and Sexson? If that doesn’t work, try Peralta, Markakis, and LaRoche for Tejada, Sexson, and a lesser outfielder. The key to working a trade is to improve your team by dealing from areas of strength. Without clearly identifying those areas, trading is pointless.

— Zach Steinhorn,


Thanks Zach, I felt similar about the deal as you did, which is why i email the 411 to see. Wanted to see if you guys thought peralta would outhit tejade from here on out and next season. same with sexson versus markakis. Problem for me, is i dont like trading away all current hot hitters for all cold hitters, in my books. PLUS Broxton whos value is quite low with saito as you said. Thanks for the reply! Keep up the great ZACH’S FACTS



Thanks for the comment, Rokhed. I think Tejada’s a bit overrated and past his prime. Peralta probably won’t outhit him, but it could be close. You just simply can’t afford to give up Valverde. The Sexson vs Markakis debate comes down to what you need more…homers or average.


I agree about dealing from strength to improve weaknesses. Tell me what you think of this deal. I am leading the league in wins and 10th in saves in a 12 team mixed keeper. I’m only 8 saves away from 4th place. I have Rivera who has to get it going at some point you would think. I traded Halladay for Nathan and will add him to Rivera and Street to get the saves I need. It will also help my K’s and ERA having him in there instead of Soria or Otsuka like I had been this year. Is this a trade you would have done?

Mike in CT

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