Dishing the Maine course

6×6 Roto w/OBP & L

Two questions for you:

1. Would you trade Roger Clemens for John Maine

I like the fact that Maine pitches in the NL, but I am worried about his last few starts.

2. Who do you like best out of these three, Ryan Braun (MIL), Encarnacion, or Iwamura?

I could use some help at CI and I am looking at these three options.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you for your input.

Dale A. Sensenig


You’ve kept Clemens for this long. Now once he’s finally back, you’re going to trade him? I wouldn’t. After starting off the season on fire, Maine has slowed down considerably (4.50 ERA in five May starts). And even though he does pitch in the NL for a very good team, his walk rate (34 BB in 61 1/3 IP) suggests a further ERA spike is in order. Even though I don’t expect Clemens to be dominant in the AL East, I’ll take the 10 wins to go along with an ERA around 4 over Maine, who has undoubtedly already enjoyed the best part of his season.

As for the second question, I’d rank the three in this order…Braun, Encarnacion, Iwamura. Braun tore up the minors this year, hitting .342 with 10 homers and 22 RBI in 117 AB’s. As long as he doesn’t embarrass himself defensively, Braun should hold onto the third base job in Milwaukee, and has the highest ceiling of the bunch. Encarnacion’s starting gig is also fairly secure with Ryan Freel now headed for the DL, and I still wouldn’t forget about this guy. That being said, we’ve already seen Encarnacion struggle at the major league level, while Braun enters with a clean slate and tons of potential. Iwamura made his return from the DL on Monday, and has so far been a pleasant surprise. I’m not buying in just yet. Give pitchers some time and watch that .356 average start to fall. Also, Iwamura has shown virtually no power, which gives him limited value as a corner infielder.

— Zach Steinhorn,

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