The renewed Atkins diet

Hey guys,
over the weekend pulled the trigger on ryan Howard and g. Atkins for

Upton, Sosa, and Valverde
– i get the Howard/Atkins side. 20 team, 28man rosters, mixed 5×5. was looking
for hr and rbi’s, way ahead in saves with Hoffman and Putz as well. what do u
guys think?


thanks,  Tyler in Toronto



Well done, Tyler.
Few hitters scream buy low quite like Atkins. He’s putting more fly balls in
the air than last year, when he thumped 29 jacks, so the power surge is bound
to come. Also, only once did he bat below .300 in the Minors, a strong sign of
hope for his batting average. And while Howard surely won’t match last year’s
MVP campaign, you’re sure to get the meat and potatoes of his season, numbers
that could yield a .300 batting average with 25 homers from here on out.


Kudos for selling high, too. Upton strikes out way too
much to sustain his current .318 batting average, Sosa provides more name recognition
than he does fantasy value, and Valverde — while solid — is still prone to
the occasional wild streak.

A text-book example of staying ahead of the trading curve.


— Alex Cushing,


This is a great trade for you. You should still be able to win the saves category with the two closers you have in a 20 team league. Howard was a 1st rounder and Atkins went in the 3rd or 4th. You got the best part of the year from Sosa, Upton and Valverde and are going to get the better part of the year from Atkins and Howard. You gave up very little in relation to what your return will be. Excellent trade.

Mike in CT

I think i would have done the trade just for ryan howard alone… as for all you g.atkins apologists, wake me up when he starts hitting… other wise i’ll pass (out)

im in second place.if Diappa makes it too the tonement he has a-rod.

im in second place.if Diappa makes it too the tornement he has a-rod.

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