The Value of a One-Category Stud

Someone is trying to get Kelvim Escobar from me and I am in need of some stolen bases badly.  He has Juan Pierre who’s he not afraid to give up.  Is the trade worth pulling off, because I am iffy with Juan Pierre, but he’s always big for stolen bases, which I am in desperation for in my rotisserie league.



If steals are what you’re looking for, Pierre’s your guy.  From 2004-2006, Juan has averaged a little over 53 stolen bases per season, making him one of the very few sure things when it comes to speed.  The problem with Pierre is that he does pretty much nothing else.  A former .300 hitter, Pierre is batting just .269 this year.  And a declining walk rate to go along with an increasing strikeout rate doesn’t bode well.  But you say you’re desperate, and since it’s almost impossible to win a fantasy league without at least competing in every category, I say make the trade.  While Escobar is a solid mid-rotation fantasy starter, Pierre is too much of a difference maker to pass on…even if we’re dealing with only one stat.

Zach Steinhorn,


Hey guys, what’s the deal w/ posting the podcasts so late? I NEED MY FANTASY 411 FIX.

I agree with Zach. Escobar will achieve his numbers as usual. Steals come at a commodity as you can pick up a free agent pitcher who Ks 150 batters in a season.

Also look at guys to supplement your stolen bases, such as Reggie Willets (sort of unlikely to be available), and Kaz Matsui (likely to be available). There’s always a cheap source of steals out there, and may be you can look to Monday/Thursday guys to help your floundering SB totals.

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