Haren’s a Keeper

I am in a 14 team 4 x 4 mixed.  I am in need of OF help.  I am trying to get Granderson for Sheets.  The other owner is insisting on Haren.  My starters besides Haren & Sheets are Bedard, Harang, Mitre & one of Bush, Arroyo & Lohse.  What is your opinion?  My OF is Diaz, Burrell, Cuddyer, Duffy & Guerrero with Bradley, Giles & Quentin on DL or bench.


Ken from Marion, Indiana


No way do I do either of these deals.  Granderson is a nice player to have, a guy fully capable of putting together a 20-20 season.  But giving up Sheets or Haren for him is too much.  If you feel your pitching is deep enough, I’m not totally opposed to trading Sheets or Haren.  But aim much higher!  Think Hideki Matsui, Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter, or Gary Sheffield.  Any one of these outfielders can be had in one for one deals.  First, see what else you can get for Sheets, as his injury history bumps him slightly below Haren on the starting pitching rankings.  If your trading partner insists on Haren, I personally wouldn’t accept anything less than Vernon Wells (a good buy low candidate) or possibly Gary Sheffield in return.  Even then, I’d be very reluctant to trade Haren, who looks to be on the fast track to permanent ace status.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com   

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