Dealing for an Arm (or two)

Hey guys,
I am in a 12-team, mixed, 6×6 (OBP + QS).  I am in 1st place, but categories I could improve in are SB, ERA, WHIP, QS, and Saves.
John Lackey is on the trading block.  His owner says he needs RBIs.  I am thinking of offering the following:
He would get:
Delmon Young
Boof Bonser/John Maine/Chuck James (his choice)
Luis Castillo
I would get:
Josh Barfield
John Lackey
Chad Cordero

Do you think this is a fair trade?  I am willing to forget about Cordero and just do a 2-for-2 if that’s what he wants.  But his team has been in last or next-to-last for most of the season, so he might want to shake his team up a little.  He already has Hoffman and Hennessey (who is currently on his bench). 
Spring Hill, TN (Nashville area)

Although this deal is by no means veto material, I really doubt your trading partner will accept it.  Take away Cordero, and you’re getting closer (no pun intended).  Considering the extra categories in this league are OBP and Quality Starts, Lackey’s value (7 QS in 13 total starts) only increases while Young’s (.304 OBP) takes a hit.  As for Castillo, he offers little else but a solid average and a modest steal total.  I don’t see him maintaining anything close to a .337 BA by season’s end.  Lackey, on the other hand, is a proven performer easily capable of improving on all of last year’s numbers, with the possible exception of strikeouts.  First, try offering the original trade and see what happens.  But even if you have to remove Cordero from the deal, I still think you’re getting the better end.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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“By no means veto material”? I think I would vote against it if I were in a league and consider vetoing it as a commissioner. 2 mediocre bats and a mediocre starter for a Top pitcher, a bona fide closer, and a throw-in? Seems lopsided. The guy in last will stay there with a trade like that.

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