Listener Feedback

On today’s show, Tigers broadcaster Rod Allen chatted with Mike and Cory about Justin Verlander’s no-hitter and the bright future of Andrew Miller.

But we want to hear from the entire 411 community!  What other broadcasters/front office people/players would you like us to have on?  Either post your responses as a comment to this message, or e-mail me at with suggestions.



Omar Minaya, Alex Gordon, Jose Lima, Ozzie Guillen.

And PECOTA. Not the real Bill Pecota, the one from The Dugout.😉

I would love to hear Theo Epstein, Brian Cashman, and Billy Bean as GM’s, for a player I would like David Ortiz.

I would love to hear Brian Sabean on the show, and then I’d like Cory to go on an abbreviated 10 minute version of his Dusty Baker rant. That would make for an entertaining show.


What if we add former/current scouts to the list? Or even people who study mechanics, ala Will Carroll of BP or chadbradfordwannabe of Hardball Times / BaseballThinkFactory?

And of course I’d love to hear from current/former man crushes like Ted Lilly and Ervin Santana.

I’d love to hear Matt Vaskursian (sp?), the Padres TV announcer. His smart, funny, inside joke style has cracked me up for years. Kevin Towers would also be very interesting.

Anyone from from Baseball Prospectus:
Nate Silver

Kevin Goldstein

Will Carroll

Joe Sheehan

Jay Jaffe

Christina Kahrl

They are all fascinating experts and can provide a lot of education for the fantasy 411 listeners.

Marty and Jo from the Reds booth? nothing like having a pair of HOF’ers on to talk all things Reds. Hate to say it but the ol’ lefthander is getting up there in yearsand the chances to pick his brain are faiding thanks to Mother Nature.

P.S. Did you know Jo is celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary this year?


Can you imagine the fun Mike & Cory would have with HOFamer Bob Uecker.

How about George Mitchell?

I’d like to hear from Dr. Andrews. His thoughts on Tommy John surgery and other injuries he’s seen. It would be a great chance to talk about the post surgery effects like the theory that a pitcher can throw harder after coming back.

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