Grab Gallardo!


I have Sonnanstine, Wolf, and Mitre…Should I drop one of them for Gallardo?  6X6 11 team non-keeper with OPS and CGs.

My other pitchers are Dan Haren, Ben Sheets, Randy Johnson,  Dontrelle Willis, Homer Bailey, and Phil Hughes on the DL.


Pat from Washington DC


Normally, I would advise against dropping a productive pitcher in favor of a stud prospect who has yet to step foot on a big league mound.  But when speaking of Yovani Gallardo, you can throw all the “normal” rules out the window, because 110 strikeouts and only 28 walks in 77 2/3 minor league innings this year is far from normal…it’s dominant.  With both Dave Bush and Claudio Vargas struggling in the Brewers’ rotation, Gallardo should be given every opportunity to stick around even when Chris Capuano returns from the DL.  Of the three pitchers you list, I would drop Sonnanstine, as it’s never a good idea to depend too heavily on rookie pitchers no matter how talented they might be.  The fact that Sonnanstine plays in the AL East for a mediocre team with an awful bullpen won’t exactly do wonders for his ERA or win total as the season goes on.  With Gallardo and Bailey, you’ll have arguably the top two healthy pitching prospects in baseball while maintaining enough proven depth in Haren, Sheets, Johnson, and Willis.  Since the league is a non-keeper, you may even want to trade Gallardo (if he gets off to a good start) or Bailey (if he puts a nice stretch together), for either a reliable veteran pitcher or another bat.  Set your rookie pitcher limit at two!

Zach Steinhorn,      

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