Casey’s One Hot Halo

Hey guys,

12 team weekly roto single season 8×8 league.  This trade was recently accepted and vetoed right before it was due to go through:

Holliday/Kotchman for Howard/Krod

Our league has come a long ways with vetoing only in extreme situations…this would be one of those situations, right?  The Holliday/Howard part of the trade was not the issue.
They did rework the deal to something more acceptable:

Holliday/Harang/Kotchman for Howard/Krod/Jered Weaver

As always, love the show.
Eric in North Dakota


Your league was absolutely right to veto the original deal, which was clearly an attempt to “sell high” on Kotchman.  But this one went way too far!  Even if you consider Holliday to be a slight upgrade over Howard (which is debatable), there’s no way that a player with less than 600 big league at bats comes anywhere close in value to arguably the #1 overall closer. 
As for the reworked trade, it doesn’t deserve a veto.  That doesn’t mean it’s fully balanced.  I’d much rather have the Howard/Krod/Jered Weaver side, as statistically, the difference between Weaver and Harang isn’t that great.  The Angels are also a much better team than the Reds, with a much better bullpen.  That should only help Weaver’s chances of matching or exceeding Harang’s win total.

Zach Steinhorn,

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