Two Trades Better than One?

Great show guys.  I’ve got a trade question for you.

12 team 5×5 mixed keeper (we keep 5 with no penalty)

I’m tied for 2nd place and want to make a final push.  Need help the most in RBI and AVG without losing ground in the pitching cats.  I’ve got 2 potential deals. 

Do you think I should do either, neither, or both?

Trade 1 –
I give Haren, Gordon and Hart
I get Vlad and Lowe

Trade 2 –
I give Soriano
I get Santana

Here is my current roster
C – Torrealba
C – I Rod
1b – Konerko
2b – Barfield
3b – Zimmerman
SS – Rollins
OF – Soriano
OF – Sizemore
OF – Francoeur
OF – Dye
OF – Hart
UT – Nady
CI – Blake
MI – K. Matsui
BN – Gordon
BN – Teix DL
BN – Gomes
BN – Rowand

SP – Haren, Schilling, Verlander, Wolf, Gorzelanny, McGowan RP – Jenks, Jones, Hennessey, Guardado DL, Myers DL

Grand Rapids, MI


The daring side of me says to just do Trade 1 and not Trade 2.  The more rational side says to do both.  Although the potential gain in RBI by acquiring Vlad without having to give up Soriano is substantial, I don’t think your pitching staff is deep enough to recover from losing Haren and just getting Lowe in return.  Schilling and Wolf are solid options, but both come with risk.  Schilling is getting up there in age, and has looked absolutely awful in the two outings since his near no-hitter, while Wolf’s 6.86 June ERA suggests he might be starting to wear down in his first full season back from Tommy John surgery.  When looking more closely at your roster, accepting both of these trades makes perfect sense.  In the outfield, Soriano and Hart would be replaced by Vlad and Rowand (off your bench) while Haren becomes Santana and Lowe.  Not only does your pitching see a clear improvement, but the outfield tradeoff is at the very worst a wash, and more likely a win.  Considering your primary needs are average and RBI, Guerrero’s .329 average and 62 ribbies surely top Soriano’s .294 mark and 23 RBI.  Complete both deals, and feel good about them!

Zach Steinhorn,      

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Thanks Zach. The first trade is processing now, but I’m still waiting on the second deal. If you could get a deal of Soriano for Webb and Mauer would you do that instead of the Santana deal? Mauer would fit in nicely at 2nd C and really help that BA as well. I think Webb is solid and still a top 10 SP. Thanks.

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