Peavy’s Worth the Bat

Hey guys,

Love the show.  I’m in a 13 team mixed roto league.  Pretty deep, 30 man roster.  I’m currently in 3rd (3.5 points out of 1st).  My offense is killer, but my pitching could use some help.  While I understand and agree with the Fantasy 411 mantra of not chasing wins, I was feeling a little forced to do something; therefore, I set up two trades to acquire some SP help.

(1) I give Sheffield and get Peavy
(2) I give Bailey and Monroe and get Halladay (non keeper league)

Both trades were vetoed by the league.  Am I missing something here?  Are these trades really vetoeable?

KC in DC


First off, neither of these trades are worthy of a veto.  The Sheffield for Peavy deal is about as fairly balanced as you can get, while the second one is in your favor, but not to the point where it should be vetoed. Though I wouldn’t have a problem with trading Sheff for Peavy if your offense is, as you say, “killer,” the second trade is really the better deal for you, as you’re getting a definite top ten fantasy starting pitcher without parting with any offensive player of consequence.  Monroe’s power is legit, but anyone with a career on-base percentage of .307 cannot be relied upon too seriously.  Without knowing some of your other pitchers, my advice would be to try to scan the waiver wire for useful pitching options to at least help out in wins and strikeouts.  If you’re successful in finding one or two pitch or ditch type names, pull the trigger on Trade 2 and hold onto your offensive strength.  But if your league is so deep that these guys aren’t available, go ahead and get Peavy, who is currently throwing as well as anyone in the majors.

Zach Steinhorn, 

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I am stunned that the first deal got vetoed!! Did you get a rationale from the league?? Thats flatly ridiculous, I woudl love to hear a response.

Good Luck

Pat DiCaprio

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