Best Move is No Move?

Hey guys,

First, a quick thanks and sincerest appreciation to all of you involved in producing the podcast.  As well, thank you  to MLB for developing a fantasy baseball online environment, including the podcast, that allows those of us in the visually impaired community to fully participate in the MLB Open listener leagues. I am a newbie enjoying the fruits of all of your labors that have created not only a highly accessible online experience but also valuable audio content via the podcast never before available. Thanks from all of us.  It is truly appreciated.

I am in a 12 team mixed head-to-head points weekly league.
We only use pitching staffs.
I’d like to bolster my bench and outfield currently consisting of Rios, Pence, and Berkman/Willingham.  I have Josh Hamilton on the bench currently.

What are your thoughts on picking up Reggie Willits and/or Marlon Byrd?

Rick in Austin


Thanks for the shout out.  We all hope you continue to enjoy what has to offer in its fantasy content.  As for your question, I have no problem with this outfield the way it’s currently constructed.  Since your league starts only three at the position and you can’t even change lineups more than once a week, I think you’ve got more than enough depth.  Though Pence won’t maintain a .352 batting average all year, don’t be surprised if he finishes the season with close to 25 homers and over 90 RBI.  And you haven’t even gotten the best part of Berkman’s year yet!  Lance is starting to show signs of breaking out, hitting .301 and slugging .534 in the month of June.  Despite the recent surge in average, Marlon Byrd isn’t worth a pickup in a 12 team mixed league.  In the best season of his career, Byrd went .303-7-45.  Enough said.  Willits is an intriguing option thanks to his 18 stolen bases.  But those steals are way more valuable in roto formats than in points leagues.  Continue to start Rios, Berkman, and Pence, and rotate Willingham in if needed.

Zach Steinhorn,

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