Position Overload

Last night, without thinking much about it, I sent out the following trade proposal:

I sent away Justin Morneau and Edgar Renteria for Jose Reyes.

My east coast counterparts OK’d  the deal by the time I woke up this morning.

In 12 team / 9 man lineup / weekly head-to-head / 6×6 format that counts OPS, do I have enough power remaining with a lineup of:

C: Varitek/Salty Platoon
1B: Gordon/Sexson Platoon
2B: Upton/Kendrick Platoon
SS: Reyes (with Furcal and Peralta on my bench)
3B: Wright
OF: Crawford, Holliday, Dunn
Util: Frank Thomas, JD Drew or one of the platoon above

I’m running away with the league and fear I may have done more harm than good.

Luke from Los Angeles


The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at your lineup is that you’ve got an awful lot of talent.  The problem, specifically at the shortstop position, is that too much of this talent gets forced to the bench.  Although this offense isn’t terrible in power, it could definitely now use an overall upgrade at first base.  I fully endorse the Reyes deal, but it clearly threw off the power/speed balance of your roster.  Without making another trade to go along with it, you might take a step backwards.  There’s no reason to now hang onto Furcal or Peralta.  Try trading both of these guys in separate deals.  Peralta currently has more value than Furcal, but if the last four games are any indication (.316 AVG  2 SB  5 R), Furcal, a traditionally stronger second half player, may be on the verge of snapping out of his month-long funk.  With Reyes and Crawford, not to mention Wright, you’ve got more than enough speed to afford the loss of Furcal.  But I’d wait a few weeks before moving him, as his stock will only rise.  Start by unloading Peralta.  Can Peralta and Sexson net Lance Berkman?  If that doesn’t work, think about buying low on Derrek Lee, whose home run total is considerably below what it should be.  These are the kinds of names you ought to be targeting.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com    

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