Set a High Price for Coco

Standard 10 team 5×5 mixed- what type of bat should I expect to get back for Coco Cordero right now?  I’m being offered Aaron Rowand, but I think it’s gotta be a bigger bat than this…thoughts?

Blake in Austin


I absolutely agree.  Rowand is having an impressive season, hitting over .300 and on pace for more than 20 homers and close to 100 RBI.  But Cordero has been much better.  Not only is Coco routinely racking up the saves (27 for 30 in save chances).  He’s looked great doing it.  In 36 appearances this season, Cordero’s allowed at least a run just five times!  With these kinds of numbers, it’s not a stretch to anoint him the title of MVC (Most Valuable Closer) of the first half.  Assuming you’re looking for an outfielder, try offering Cordero for guys like Sheffield, Hunter, or Rios.  Maybe you even want to buy low on Manny in hopes that he can pick it up after the All-Star break.  A top notch closer should get you at least a #2 type outfielder in return.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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I recently traded Coco Cordero and Chris Young (SD SP) for Carlos Lee & David Weathers.

Thats alot of pitching to give up, but I am 1st in saves by 15 and also have K-Rod & Valverde… I also need RBI’s & he is one of the best.

I may have given too much, but if you have to part w/ an elite RP, make sure you do what you can to get an elite OF back.

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