Braun’s the Real Deal

I need speed and one owner keeps bugging me for Justin Morneau (I’m currently second in HR’s).

He’s offering me Jose Reyes and Ryan Braun and I would have to give up Morneau and either Furcal, Michael Young or Orlando Hudson.


Kevin in SoCal


If you can do the Reyes and Braun for Morneau and Hudson deal, go for it!  Losing Morneau’s power is a risk, but there are a couple factors working in your favor.  First, you say you’re strong in homers. Second, the way Ryan Braun’s performing since making his big league debut on May 25th (.349 AVG  13 HR  36 RBI  8 SB), is the dropoff from Morneau to Braun really that great?  And by getting Reyes without having to give up either an established star in Young or a proven speedster in Furcal (who also happens to be a much better second half player), your potential payoff is huge.  Orlando Hudson may be having a career year in both average and RBI, but offensively he’s the least accomplished of the three and offers virtually nothing in steals.  Quickly accept the Hudson version of the deal before your fellow owner reconsiders.

Zach Steinhorn,      

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