Bailing on Tejada

I traded Miguel Tejada and received Roger Clemens.  I have Tulowitzki and Peralta already.  I know trading a bat for a pitcher is not encouraged on the 411, but I feel that Tejada’s wrist is going to give him major problems the rest of the year.  What do you guys think?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Schulyer from the Hudson Valley


Since you’ve got Peralta and Tulowitzki, trading Tejada isn’t a terrible move.  That being said, I wouldn’t have made this particular deal.  Is a 44 year old Roger Clemens coming off a start where he looked every bit his age really a guy worth targeting?  The latest news out of Baltimore is that Miggy’s progressing well in his rehab.  And it’s not like Tejada’s been injury plagued throughout his career. Prior to this DL stint, the last time he missed a single game was in 2000!  Looking to deal Tejada now before his situation potentially gets worse is fine, but I can just as easily see him return to form once he comes back.  So why not aim for younger pitchers with a bit more upside, like a Chris Young or a Josh Beckett or even a Kelvim Escobar.  I’m just not convinced that Clemens is a difference maker.

Zach Steinhorn,

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