D-Rays’ Pena a Great Trade Chip

Hey guys, love the show.  It’s the best source of fantasy info hands down.  Question…I need to fill 2 utility spots.  Who should I start between Chipper Jones, Chris Duncan, Pat Burrell, Carlos Pena, and Byrnes?  Thanks, Brian from Staten Island


I’d go with Jones and Byrnes the majority of the time.  Chipper’s an established star who’s enjoying his best season in years, hitting well over .300 with plenty of power.  Byrnes likely won’t maintain his .311 average, but 14 homers to go along with 22 steals midway through July is hard to ignore.  You have a ton of depth here, which is why I suggest making a trade.  Pena has both the most current value and the most future risk among the other three guys.  Look to trade him!  If for some reason you cannot pull off a trade, try working Duncan, Burrell, and Pena into your lineup either on Mondays and Thursdays or based on the matchup.  Byrnes has been terrible versus lefties this year while Duncan and Pena also struggle mightily (or don’t even play in Duncan’s case) when they face southpaws.  But the best option is to trade.  All this lineup juggling can be awfully frustrating!

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com   

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