What’s the Right Package for Holliday?

Hey guys,

Made this deal in a 10-team, weekly, head-to-head keeper: I gave up Hafner, Chris Young (pitcher) and Brett Myers and got back Matt Holliday.  Did I overpay?  There were 2 objections to the trade, but the deal still went through.  My team is out of it for the year and I’m looking to rebuild.  Holliday seems like a sure-fire first or second rounder next year.

Love the show.  The play-by-play All-Star game was a great idea!

Thanks again,
Tim from Madison


I hate to say it…you definitely overpaid here!  There’s no doubt that Matt Holliday is a great keeper.  But is he worth a big bat, a top of the line pitcher, AND a guy in Myers who, once healthy, should be a solid option either as a closer or a starter?  I would’ve begun by offering Hafner plus a mid-rotation starting pitcher for Holliday.  If the deal were rejected, I might have slightly upgraded the pitcher, but that’s about it.  There’s no need to include a third player.  And giving up Chris Young is too much.  Heading into this season, Holliday was roughly equal in value to Hafner.  Even though that’s no longer the case, expect a big second half from Hafner, one that will place him no later than the middle of the third round in drafts next spring.  I would like this trade a lot more if your league attached values to keepers and Hafner’s price was higher than Holliday’s.  Otherwise, I think you could’ve done a lot better.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com 

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I have to agree with Zach here. Holliday and Hafner are close to each other in value, and Holliday is young. How many keepers do you get in your league. That makes a difference. You may have just traded 3 keepers for 1. In a 10 teamer you need to collect all the high end talent you can. I would have tried to trade Myers and Young for an upgrade at starter or closer. Someone in the Oswalt, Zambrano, Wagner, K Rod, Nathan class. To make a deal like that Myers has to be healthy, but you get the point. Use your second tier talent to acquire as many top players as possible.

Mike in CT

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