Rollins Nearly Untouchable

Yo guys!

Here’s a shout out to girl power, though I’m just stinking it up in GP’s mid-season league.  I’ve rocked up to 11th place.  Woohoo!  Thanks to listening to you guys, I’m in 4 leagues this year and the first female commissioner of a Fantasy Baseball Mafia league, where I’m mired in the middle of the pack.
I have a trade question about one of my 12 team, vanilla leagues.  I am currently in 5th place and I think I can finish in the money.  I’ve been proposed a trade for Jimmy Rollins.  I’m doing pretty well in the power categories and my weakest hitting category is SB where I’m 6th out of 12.  However, I’m well back in the pack in pitching—I need saves and WHIP badly (I’m 3rd from the bottom in both).  Here’s the trade I’ve been proposed:

I give up: Jimmy Rollins
I get: Chris Young (Padres) and Melvin Mora

My biggest issue with this is that I don’t have another shortstop and the waiver wire’s really thin on MI.  Mora would "replace" Eddie Encarnacion or Teahen, who are okay but not great.  The other guy has Accardo, Jenks, Borowski, and Embree as relievers so I was thinking I’d try for Young and Embree instead, to get some saves until Street returns.  What do you guys think?

Laura in Columbus, OH


As much as I like Chris Young, I think you’re really undervaluing Rollins, who’s on pace for 31 homers and 27 steals at a weak position.  Add in the fact that there’s no other viable shortstop either on your roster or on the waiver wire, and it’s pretty clear that losing Rollins would be a huge blow to your team.  I would strongly advise against trading him.  I’m also not too sure if Young’s the right guy to deal for at this time for the simple reason that he’s been too good!  Don’t expect him to pitch poorly over the remainder of the season, but don’t expect that 1.85 ERA to last much longer.  I’d be much more inclined to use your strength in power to acquire one or two solid mid-rotation starters plus a serviceable closer who’s job, unlike Embree’s, is secure.  Even though it can be very tempting to make a blockbuster trade, sometimes you’re better off working two or three smaller scale deals.

Zach Steinhorn,


I don’t see how this trade helps you out. Why acquire Young when you need help in saves and WHIP. Why not swap him out for Jenks if you are going to do the deal, which you shouldn’t. Zach is right, Rollins is too good to give up for these guys, he’s a 2nd round pick with the numbers he is on pace for. Embree will help for what, a week until Street is back? That’s not going to help you move much, and how much will you fall by losing Rollins’ steals? Take a look at all angles before making this trade.

Mike in CT


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