Already Waiting Till Next Year

Looking to next year, after taking my basement team to 13th in a 20-team, 6-keeper, H2H league. I feel like I could turn some of my young talent into a first or second rounder. What do you think?  Also, are my keeper picks right?

Here are my keepers as it stands:

Lance Berkman
Mark Teixeira
Russell Martin
Brian Roberts
Corey Hart
Billy Butler

Here are the rest of my bats:

Howie Kendrick
J.J. Hardy
Michael Young
Mark Teahen
Mike Cameron
Ryan Freel
Reggie Willits
Marlon Byrd
Jason Botts
Brandon Wood

I also have Hughes, Soria and Carmona.  The rest of my pitching is scary bad.

Thanks guys,

Luke in Kansas


If this league doesn’t attach values to keepers, why keep Billy Butler over J.J. Hardy or Michael Young?  Despite its rebirth over the past few years, the shortstop position is still fairly weak, making Hardy and Young better options than Butler, especially considering that you’re not already keeping a shortstop.  Other than that, I definitely agree with your keeper choices.  Although Hughes and Carmona are both solid, Corey Hart looks like a five-tool star in the making, and I’ll always give the edge to the hitter when planning for the future.  Another possibility would be to trade Hart, either Hardy or Young (the one who isn’t kept), and possibly Kendrick (since you already have Roberts at 2B) for a high quality keeper pitcher, like a Peavy or an Oswalt.  Your offense is in good shape, boasting a nice combination of power and speed.  Now it’s time to start upgrading the pitching!

Zach Steinhorn, 


I wrote in over a week ago, to the contact customer care link, and have not gotten a reply on this matter at all. So now I am posting this here. It’s been weeks with no service.

I’ve tried the FAQ’s and trouble shooting pages and have found no way to resolve this problem myself. I seem to have all compatable requirements (WMP 10, IE 9.0+…).

I can not get the MLB media player to play any content on my work AND home PC’s. The player launches, prompts me to sign on for my radio package and begins to load, but only shows “ready” near the play button. I’ve also tried to launch the feeds in WMP by copying the URL and that also does not work.

Please help with this issue, as I am a paying customer who can not access my premium features, as well as the free MLB.TV content, that I enjoy.

-Jay, NJ

Kendrick and Young need to be kept over Butler and Hart. There is always one guy at least in every keeper league that will overvalue young talent though. Maybe you could package Young and Butler for Hanley or Rollins. Does Hart and Roberts get you Utley? You have to try to get the most talent to use in this league especially with 20 teams. Usually that makes trading harder but do your best to upgrade that list by using your other players as bait. Wood, Freel and Hardy are also good trade chips if you are trying to upgrade.

Mike in CT

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