Uggla’s Worth Fishing For

Hey Guys,

    I am in a 12 team, mixed 6×6 H2H league (extra categories are BB’s and K/9).  I am a lock for the playoffs which start in about 2-3 weeks and am trying to get my roster in line for a run in the playoffs.  Kendrick’s injury is really hurting me (best 2nd baseman on waivers is Pedroia).  What do you think of moving Derrek Lee (who is playing at my UTIL) and Gil Meche for Joe Borowski, Johnny Damon (would take over my UTIL), and Dan Uggla (who would play 2nd)?  My starters are Hamels, Clemens, Haren, Meche, and Burnett (DL).  My relievers are Gagne, Accardo, Capps, Soria, and Otsuka.

Joe in Chicago


Sounds like a solid trade to me!  You’re giving up some value but getting more of it in return.  I’m just as confused as anyone by Lee’s complete loss of power.  In 330 at bats this season, Derrek has hit the same amount of homers (8) as he did in 175 at bats last year.  It’s not like we were all expecting a repeat of his 46 homer campaign, but not even reaching 20?  Something is terribly wrong.  Now is a good time to cut bait before the situation gets any worse.  As for Meche, he’s nothing more than a back of the rotation starter in 12 team leagues.  I don’t expect the Royals’ “ace” to maintain his mid 3 ERA.  After all, the last time Meche posted an ERA under 4 was in 2000!  Although I’m surprised that Uggla has improved on his 2006 power stats, the numbers don’t lie!  This guy’s easily in the top five of all fantasy second basemen.  You cannot possibly buy Damon at a lower price.  That’s why I like it.  After enduring a horrendous month of June and first half of July, Johnny’s starting to get it going for a Yankee lineup that’s red hot.  And Borowski’s rebounded well from a disastrous April (9 ERA), allowing only 5 runs in his last 17 2/3 innings.  In exchange for the downgrade from Lee to Damon plus a borderline starting pitcher, you’re receiving a stud 2B plus a closer who’s job is secure.  Nice work.

Zach Steinhorn,

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