Melky Better in Reality

Hey Guys,

Neighbor Steve here.

In my 10 team mixed 5×5 league, the hot hitting Melky Cabrera is available.  Would you pick him up and drop one of my following OF’s?  I platoon.  C. Duncan, W. Taveras, K. Lofton, or R. Willits?  My other OF’s are Manny, Abreu, and A. Jones.  Thanks.

Steve Cozzolino


Maybe it’s because he plays here in New York, but I’ve always felt that Melky Cabrera is overrated as a hitter.  Sure he fits in nicely at the bottom of the Yankees’ lineup.  But who wouldn’t?  For fantasy purposes, Cabrera just doesn’t have enough power or speed to warrant a roster spot in a 10 team mixed league.  When deciding whether or not to pick up an outfielder, my rule is simple.  If the player has a good chance of either hitting 20 homers or stealing 20 bases, he’s worth a look.  Otherwise, stay away!  Melky falls into the latter category.  I’m also very wary of picking up unestablished hitters in the midst of hot streaks because you never know when their good fortune’s due to run out.  I’d take any one of your current group of outfielders over Cabrera.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t search for alternatives.  There’s a lot of redundancy with Taveras, Lofton, and Willits.  All of them do the same thing!  In a 10 teamer, I’m almost certain that a bunch of solid power options are available on the wire.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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ban pete from jordan or israel or wherever he is from he is the worst caller ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mike and corey for prez and vice prez in 09

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