No Shame in Only Keeping Hitters


Big fan of the show…first time e-mailer!!  Need your feedback on a trade.  I’m in a 6×6 mixed keeper league (OBP + K/9 are the extras) where I am struggling in Runs, Hits, and SBs.  I want to give up Peavy for Crawford straight up to meet some of my needs.  However, Peavy was going to be 1 of my 5 keepers and giving him up would mean not having any of my 5 keepers be pitchers.  I am worried because last year 10 SPs were on the keeper list for teams in this league and I don’t want to be stuck with Chuck James as my #1 next year ( I also can’t use pitch or ditch due to our transaction limit of 35 per season).

What do you think of getting Crawford and giving up Peavy?

Dave from Pinehurst, NC


I like it!  Whenever you have a chance to get a fantasy stud who fits your needs perfectly, make the deal.  Even though Peavy is clearly keeper worthy, Crawford’s clearly a first rounder.  And don’t worry about not keeping a pitcher.  Entering 2007, guys like Chris Young, Josh Beckett, Erik Bedard, Cole Hamels, and Kelvim Escobar were not considered top 10 pitchers.  Four months into the season, they all boast ace-like numbers.  You should have no problem building a quality pitching staff via the draft.  Plenty of bargains can still be found.  As for Chuck James potentially being your #1 starter, I think you’d have to take about 10 straight hitters to open the draft for that to happen!

Zach Steinhorn,   

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