Think Twice Before Dealing an Ace

Hi Guys, I’m a big fan and I listen to the podcast almost every day.  I’ve been playing fantasy baseball for around 5 years, and for the first time I’m in a position to win my big league, thanks to your advice and strategies.

I need some advice.

16 team 5×5 non-keeper.  I’m bouncing between first and second, and I’m in the top 5 in all categories except runs, HR, and RBI (around 10, 10 and 7 points).  My offense has been hurt by Papi and Frank Thomas’ lack of serious production.  I’ve been offered Ryan Howard for Sheffield and Webb.  I’m thinking about it because I’m concerned about Sheffield’s health.  He’s been slumping offensively, and I’m wondering if the shoulder problems he’s having might lead to a DL trip or hamper him all year.

The rest of my SP’s are Wang, Lincecum, Rich Hill, McGowan, and Jeff Francis.  My offense is basically Varitek, David Ortiz, James Loney, Hanley Ramirez, Miggy Cabrera, Chone Figgins, Sheffield, Nady, Frank Thomas, and a bunch of WW pickups (Loney, Gordon, Nelson Cruz, Vidro…etc) (23 man rosters).

Do you think that’s too much for Howard?


Yes!  In a 16 team league, the primary goal should be to build as well-rounded of a group as possible.  Your pitching staff is a good one.  Losing Webb would make it only average.  I’m not sold on McGowan, and I worry about your strikeouts as you’ll become even more dependant on Wang.  Also, pitching and ditching is extremely difficult in such a large league.  Despite his age and perceived injury risk, Sheffield is still consistently producing at a high level.  5 homers and 15 RBI to go along with a .303 average in the month of July shouldn’t be considered a slump.  I understand he’s 4 for his last 29, but let’s not overreact!  Every hitter is allowed a bad week.  Webb is just too valuable to give up in exchange for the small upgrade from Sheffield to Howard.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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