Rios a Keeper for Present and Future

5X6 (complete games is extra category) head-to-head league, with 4 unrestricted keepers.  I am on the fringe of the playoffs and considering making one last push.  I’ve been offered Ken Griffey Junior and Dan Uggla for Alex Rios, who is my only real 4th keeper.  Griffey would fill the hole left by Rios and Uggla would take over 2nd from Julio Lugo.

We have a late trade deadline (August 19th) so I was thinking that I could make a run for a couple weeks and then if it’s looking bad, sell off my team to try to find a 4th keeper.

Thoughts?  Is that not enough to risk not having a solid 4th keeper?

Jim in Chicago

I think you’ve got the right idea, Jim.  There’s nothing wrong with holding onto Rios as your 4th keeper, but there’s also nothing wrong with aiming higher.  Before making a deal, wait until either a better trade opportunity comes along or until you’re more clearly out of the playoff picture.  This year, Griffey is comparable to Rios in value.  That likely won’t be the case for long.  And while Uggla is certainly an upgrade over Lugo, you’d be losing a lot of steals by accepting this trade.  Lugo’s also racking up the hits of late, batting .313 over the last month.  Simply acquiring Uggla just isn’t worth the loss of Rios’ current production and his status as a potential keeper.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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