Hughes More Than a Rotation Phil-er

Hey guys,

Finally got out of the cellar in my 10 team mixed head-to-head money league thanks to stellar help from the 411.  Just prior to the 31st I pulled off a Gagne for Thome trade, so it’s looking better and better.  I’m pushing for a playoff spot, so that’s eh…good.

Anyway, I sometimes have trouble determining player value in a 10 team league and need your help.  I really like my team but I want to scoop up Phil Hughes before anyone else in the league gets wise to his return from the DL (as I’ve done with other players this season).  Would you drop Joe Saunders for Hughes?  I’m actually wondering if it’d be smarter to drop Roger Clemens.

Dan in Los Angeles


I’d definitely drop Saunders to pick up Hughes, whose upside is just too great to pass up, even in a 10 team league.  Saunders has actually pitched really well this year after failing to live up to expectations last season.  But the biggest difference between Saunders and Hughes are the strikeouts.  Saunders is averaging under 6 K’s per 9 innings in the majors while Hughes’ big league strikeout rate, though in limited action (11 K’s in 10 2/3 IP), not to mention his minor league track record, bodes well for continued success.  It’s funny that you ask about Clemens as I’m writing this just minutes after watching the Rocket implode vs the White Sox, but how can you drop him?  Dumping Clemens would invalidate the two plus months you spent reserving a roster spot for him.  Roger’s still better than any pitcher on the waiver wire.  Make the move for Hughes.  And as Cory often says, do it now!

Zach Steinhorn,    

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