Nats’ Lack of Runs Cordero’s Gain

Hey guys…In my vanilla league, I got C. Cordero for Swisher and Snell.  I could afford both since my OF is filled and I would like to open a spot to pitch-or-ditch.  My other pitchers are Gallardo, Bedard, Escobar, Carmona, and Pettitte.  Thanks.

Jordan in Cali


Looks like you’ve got a pretty solid pitching staff, so I don’t have much of a problem with this trade.  On face value, you may have given up too much, but that’s still debatable considering Snell’s shaky month of July (1-4  6.52 ERA) and Swisher’s huge power dropoff from last year.  For a closer, Cordero’s strikeout rate is low (38 K’s in 52 IP).  That’s the only factor keeping Chad from the upper tier of fantasy stoppers.  Even though he pitches for a bad team, Cordero gets a lot of save opportunities because the Nationals are never leading in the 9th by more than three runs!  My only concern is that you’re making this deal simply to pitch and ditch regardless of your closer situation.  In that case, I’d take Snell over most waiver wire starters.  Otherwise, a fine trade.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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