Two For One Simply Too Much

I have been offered Harang for Joe Blanton and Ian Snell.  Is this a good deal and how is Harang’s back?

Thanks, Sean in Belleville, Ontario Canada


The latest news coming from the Reds is that Harang is set to start either Tuesday or Wednesday vs the Dodgers, so it looks like the back soreness which forced him out of his last outing after just one inning is nothing serious.  That being said, no way do I pay this high of a price to acquire him.  Harang is only a bit more valuable than Blanton this season, thanks to a higher strikeout total.  But by throwing in Snell, who also has a solid strikeout rate (117 K’s in 142 2/3 IP), you’re throwing away the gain from Blanton to Harang.  And it’s Blanton who plays his home games in a much more favorable park.  The only scenario in which I’d even consider this trade is if I was approaching the innings limit and wanted one slightly more reliable pitcher as opposed to two less accomplished hurlers.  Otherwise, hold onto Blanton and Snell.

Zach Steinhorn,   

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