Chasing Saves Is No Fun

Hey guys,

I’m in first place in my AL-only league and can gain the most points in saves.  Do you think it’s possible to make up an 8 save differential over the rest of the season with a closer committee of Baez, Embree, Street, and Chris Ray?  The 4 teams ahead of me are as follows:

Team A – 8 saves ahead (Putz, J. Walker)
Team B – 8 saves ahead (K-Rod)
Team C – 5 saves ahead (T. Jones, Benoit)
Team D – 5 saves ahead (Papelbon, Okajima, CJ Wilson)

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA

The nice thing about your “problem” is that between Street, Embree, Ray, and Baez, you get the production of two full-time closers.  All four of the teams ahead of you in saves do not have the same luxury.  That’s why I think you’ve got an excellent shot at making up the 8 saves.  With the recent news that Baez will take over the closer’s role in Baltimore until Chris Ray returns, thereby eliminating Walker from the picture, it’s unlikely that Team A will maintain its lead.  And Team B would need a truly remarkable final two months from K-Rod.  As for the story in Oakland, Bob Geren was recently quoted as saying he’ll stick with Embree in the ninth inning for the time being and won’t rush Street back into save situations.  Since returning to action, Street hasn’t exactly impressed, giving up four runs over 6 2/3 innings.  But the good news is that while most Street owners are panicking, you can relax, as both Street and Embree happen to reside on your roster!

Zach Steinhorn, 

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