Strength Loves Certainty…

I’m a big fan of the show.  PLEASE help!

League is 12 team vanilla mixed non-keeper

1) Should I trade Ty Wigginton for Justin Upton for my DH spot?  The other guy could use Wiggy’s flexibility; I just want the best numbers.

2) I’ve got Renteria, Soriano, and Hunter Pence on the DL.  How would you rank these guys for the rest of the season?  Which would give me the best value in a trade for a healthy 2nd tier player now?

I was in first place for the last six weeks but have fallen to second from injuries and a lack of recent wins.  And I REALLY want to get back to first.


Keith from Toronto (home of Simcoe day)


Despite Upton’s hot start, I’m not so sure I’d deal Wigginton for him in a non-keeper league.  Upton obviously has loads of talent, but counting on a 19 year old to consistently put up difference making type numbers over the final two months of the season might be asking too much.  Wigginton is quietly having a very nice year, hitting for both average and power.  Even though he’s tailed off a bit since joining the Astros, when it comes to avoiding prolonged slumps, I’ll always have more confidence in the veteran player.  That’s not to say that making this trade is a mistake.  I just tend to lean on the conservative side more often than not.

Moving on to your DL trio, it seems Renteria could be the closest to returning, but that’s not saying much considering that all of these guys will likely be sidelined until the end of the month.  In terms of perceived value, I’ll rank them Soriano, Renteria, and then Pence.  I think Soriano’s name still carries a lot of weight, and Pence is the only one in this group who’s definitely out until September.

Zach Steinhorn,

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