Andruw’s Not a Lost Cause

Hey guys,
I’m in a 12-team, mixed, 6×6 with OBP and QS.  I’m in first place, have been for a while, but my lead is down to 2.5 points at the moment.  The two main areas I think I could improve upon are starting pitching and closers.  My rotation and closers are currently:
C. James
Chad Cordero

My question: Should I trade Andruw Jones or Adam Dunn for either Rich Hill or Jeff Francis?

Dan Cleary
Nashville, TN

You could definitely use another starting pitcher, as Bonser, Bush, and Bannister are currently nothing more than pitch or ditch guys.  I wouldn’t trade Adam Dunn for Hill or Francis.  His consistent power production to go along with a solid OBP are way too valuable.  As for Andruw Jones, the decision becomes tougher.  About three-quarters into the season, Jones is hitting just .214.  But the power numbers (21 HR  74 RBI) are still there.  Even though his strikeout rate is higher than usual, Andruw is roughly on pace to match his 2004 strikeout total of 147.  And in that year he batted .261.  Since starting the season looking like a Cy Young candidate, Rich Hill has been nothing special.  Take away the month of April, and he’s 3-6 with a 4.56 ERA.  That being said, I’d prefer Hill over Francis.  Any pitcher who gives up more hits than innings pitched cannot be trusted.  If you’re deep in the outfield, swapping Jones for Hill isn’t a bad idea.  Another option would be to deal Dunn for an ace or #2 type starter.  Can Dunn get you Justin Verlander?  Or Kelvim Escobar?  Now that would be a nice trade!

Zach Steinhorn,            

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