Swapping Aces

Hey guys, great show.  I’m in an AL only 5×5 keeper league.  I have a chance to get Wang for Kazmir.  I have Kazmir at $17, and Wang is $10 but I will lose him at the end of the year.  We have a high WHIP (thanks to Burnett, Kazmir, Felix, etc.)  I’m in the mix for the championship and can’t decide who is the better pitcher for the rest of this year.

Scott in Houston


Not only is Kazmir the better pitcher for the rest of this season.  He’s the better keeper.  Finally healthy, the D-Rays’ ace is giving us a sampling of what to expect for years to come.  Sure the high walk rate is somewhat concerning, but what Kazmir loses to Wang in WHIP he easily makes up for in strikeouts.  And besides, if you’ve been struggling in WHIP all season, how much ground can you really make up in six weeks?  Strikeouts are a lot easier to predict and control.  Let’s also not forget that Kazmir’s ERA is over a half run lower than Wang’s.  Simply put, Kazmir has a higher fantasy ceiling than Wang.  Add in the fact that you can’t keep Wang beyond this season, and the choice is clear.  Resist the urge to chase wins!  Hold onto Kazmir.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com 

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