Patterson’s Always on the Go

I’m looking at dropping Melky Cabrera and want to fill the slot with the hottest player.  Some choices would be Johnny Damon, Corey Patterson, or Josh Willingham.

Just looking for help down the stretch run.

Pete in northern Michigan


Damon can be immediately eliminated from consideration.  His numbers are the worst of this bunch and he’s not even getting regular playing time.  So now the decision is one of needs.  If you stand to gain a lot of points in steals, go for Patterson.  If you’re concentrating more on the power stats, Willingham’s the one.  Since the beginning of June, Patterson has really turned it on, batting .306 to go along with 24 stolen bases.  Even though Corey’s a streaky hitter, as long as his average doesn’t completely collapse, he should carry your team in steals over the final month and a half.  Willingham’s another streaky hitter, but his power cannot be ignored.  26 home runs last year followed by 18 homers so far this season prove that Willingham is a very capable third or fourth outfielder in standard mixed league play.  Either one of these guys will help, and both are an upgrade over Melky.  The final choice is yours!

Zach Steinhorn,      

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