O’s Cabrera a Work In Progress

How do you guys feel about Daniel Cabrera?  I love his Ks and his potential, but I usually strive for consistency.



There’s no denying Cabrera has electric stuff, but consistent he is not!  The walks are still a major problem, and in Cabrera’s four big league seasons, his walk rate hasn’t gotten much better.  This year, Daniel’s actually posting the best BB/9 rate of his career.  That’s not saying much considering it’s 4.7!  As long as this trend continues, I’d stay away from Cabrera for fantasy purposes.  He remains nothing more than a speculative late round draft pick.  He may eventually put it all together, but let another owner take that gamble.  Get your strikeouts from someone else.  For the time being, banking on Cabrera isn’t worth it.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com   

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Other than Santana and Webb, who else can you REALLY consistently trust right now? I mean really, you can quote recent trends, or overall records, but as soon as you think you’ve got it figured out, it BURNS you. My pitching staff, which includes Cabrera, somehow finds a way to screw me every year about this time…although usually they wait until September. I’ll get SO CLOSE to the top of the standings, within SNIFFING distance of mega points in ERA and WHIP, and then when I do the “smart” thing to bench Cabrera vs. the Yankees last week, he turns in a GEM!! Also last week, pitching “aces” like Zambrano vs. the Reds, Dice-K vs. Tampa, and Lackey vs. Boston become HUGE mistakes, while the stats that would have offset those disasters were sitting on my bench with Saunders vs. the Red Sox, Wandy Rodriguez vs. the Dodgers, and Zito vs. Florida.

It’s a crapshoot….just throw darts at names on a dartboard, and start them….you might get better stats out of that than actually using common sense or logic.

Greg in Cincy

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