Youth Movement

Hi Guys,

I love the show.  I listen to almost every podcast.  This season is pretty much over for me so I’m looking to make my team better for next year.  It’s a 10 team mixed 5 X 5 keeper league and I have the opportunity to trade Valverde for Justin Upton.  The problem is that I already have a bunch of young players that could be great someday.  I have Alex Gordon, Hunter Pence, Delmon Young, Salty, Jeremy Hermida, Adam Jones & Homer Bailey.  Can you rate these guys for me.  I only have room for 3 more on my keeper list (no $$ or round value attached).  I’m weak in the power categories this year so which of these guys are most likely to help me there?  Would you deal for Upton?


Cleveland, OH


If you’re truly out of it for this year, do the deal.  What’s the worst case scenario?  You drive yourself crazy deciding among the many solid keeper options you’ve got here?   So what!  At least you’ll have plenty of choices.  And August isn’t the time to worry about who to keep.  There’s an entire offseason for that.  For now, you should try to assemble the best possible group.  If I had to rank them taking into account position scarcity and your need for power, I’d say Pence, Salty, Young, Gordon, Hermida, Bailey, Jones.  But a lot can change before next February.  Hermida’s definitely a guy worth monitoring, as he’s hit above .330 in each of the last two months.  The reason why I didn’t rate him higher is because he doesn’t have quite the home run upside of a Pence, a Young, or a Gordon.  Make the Upton trade.  It can only help.

Zach Steinhorn,      

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