Scouting Report by the Fans, for the Fans

Hi all,

Been a while since I posted here, but I figured Zack and Kid Cushing have been doing a fine job holding down the fort. The reason I’ve decided to chime in again is to let you all know about the 5th annual "Scouting Report by the Fans, for the Fans", which is hosted by noted sabermetrician Tangotiger at his web site:

The scouting report invites fans to evaluate the fielding characteristics of players on their team, determining an overall evaluation for each player based on the "wisdeom of the crowds."

For example, the results of 2006 can be found here:

Tango and I hope you will all participate in this, and if you do, take it seriously. Tango reports having to reject fewer than two percent of last year’s ballots as being "junk", so clearly there’s a big interest in the community in objectively and honestly evaluating player defense.

Check it out and cast your ballot!

Thanks and good luck to everyone in September,


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I will pass it along to the Mafia.


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