McGowan’s a Pitch or Ditch Graduate

Hey Guys,

I made the playoffs in my head to head league just pitching and ditching:
IP W L SV R HR BB K ERA WHIP are the Cats.  My current pitching staff is:

SP Tom Gorzelanny
SP Tim Lincecum
RP J.J. Putz
RP Jeremy Accardo
P Joba Chamberlain
P Shawn Hill
P Manny Corpas
BN Brian Bannister
BN Yovani Gallardo
BN Phil Hughes
BN Matt Garza
BN Sean Marshall

We have the following available: Westbrook, McGowan, Arroyo, Greinke, Ian Kennedy, Pineiro

Just trying to pick up best staff I can for the last 3 weeks or just keep pitching and ditching as days come by.

Raf, Boston
Go Yankees!


There are a bunch of solid options on the waiver wire but you’ve already got a fine group here.  The one move I’d definitely make is dropping Garza and picking up McGowan.  Even though Garza’s season ERA and strikeout rate are both good, he struggled in August, posting a 5.34 ERA and a 1.71 WHIP.  The Twins offense is weak, ranking 23rd in the majors in runs.  This clearly limits Garza’s win potential down the stretch.  McGowan, on the other hand, has peaked at the right time, allowing three runs or less in ten of his last eleven starts.  As for the rest of the available pitchers, I might consider dropping Hughes and adding Greinke, but I still want to see more of Hughes before dumping him.  With eight starters, the counting stats shouldn’t be a problem.  That’s why you’re better off making ERA and WHIP a priority, especially in a head to head playoff, where the stats reset each week and one bad pitching outing could end your season!

Zach Steinhorn, 

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