K-Rod’s a Sure K-eeper

I am in a 12 team H2H league 6×6 with K/9 and OPS.

I want to know who my 4th keeper should be.  I already know that I am keeping Arod/Crawford/Pujols but I’m not sure on the 4th keeper.  Here are my options:

Russell Martin
Eric Byrnes
Hunter Pence
Justin Upton
King Felix
Francisco Rodriguez 

Note- I traded up to get 2 1st round picks before the season to get Arod and Pujols and gutted my draft picks to do so.  Not an easy league by any means.


You’ve got quite a group here, Aubrey.  But as long as there are no values attached to these keepers, K-Rod is the one I’d pick.  There are very few elite closers, so when you have one, holding onto him is a must.  Factor in that K/9 is a category, and K-Rod’s 11.7 ratio looks awfully good.  Although all of your other options are solid, can you really say for certain that any of them belong in the top four rounds?  Through the first half of the season, an argument could be made for Russell Martin.  Not anymore!  Since the All-Star break, Martin’s production has dropped significantly.  11 of his 17 homers, 60 of his 81 RBI, and 16 of his 21 steals came prior to the Midsummer Classic.  Maybe the wear and tear of playing in 131 of the Dodgers’ 138 total games is finally getting to him.  Byrnes is another guy who’s had a terrific all around year, but he doesn’t have enough of a track record to warrant such a high pick.  Go with K-Rod, and let everyone else struggle to choose among the available mediocre closers.

Zach Steinhorn, MLB.com      

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