Rogers Worth the Gamble

Hi Guys:

10 team H2H Non keeper.  Listen to this staff:


Needless to say I’ve patched a staff together all year.  I only have Lowe left and don’t trust him.  I’m in playoffs this week and have to hope I survive.  Who can I take for the remaining couple of weeks?  Here are people on the wire– need possibly up to three.

The gamble(r) – Rogers


St. Louis Kurt


Wow!  Accept my deepest condolences.  I think you should play the matchups here, as all of these guys are borderline starting options in a 12 team league, let alone a 10 teamer.  For this week, I like Baker’s upside at Kansas City, and Byrd should be a decent start at the White Sox.  Both clubs have, for the most part, struggled to put up runs all season, ranking next to last and dead last respectively in that category.  After all, Baker’s complete game one hit gem came against the Royals!  I’m also comfortable starting the Gambler at home vs the Blue Jays and at Minnesota after seeing him allow just one run over five innings in his first start back from injury.  The Tigers’ dangerous offense should also provide plenty of opportunities for wins.  As for Kendrick, I’m just waiting for him to blow up.  That could happen this week, as the Phillies’ upcoming schedule, home for the Rockies and at the Mets, is nothing short of brutal.  Lohse is just too scary against those tough lineups while Greinke has two things working against him: his status as a starter is uncertain and the team he plays for is awful.  Shearn is simply too unproven to throw out there.  So my three choices, at least for this week, would be Baker, Byrd, and Rogers.

Zach Steinhorn,         

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