End of Season Shows

During the upcoming last two weeks of the regular season, Mike and Cory will unveil their final player rankings at each position in addition to their respective all surprise, all disappointment, and all fantasy teams.  Here’s the schedule:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          September 17th:    Outfielders
September 18th:    Catchers
September 19th:    First Basemen
September 20th:    Second Basemen
September 21st:    Shortstops
September 24th:    Third Basemen
September 25th:    Starting Pitchers + Closers
September 26th:    All Surprise Teams-3 OF’s, C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 4 SP’s, 1 CL each
September 27th:    All Disappointment Teams- Same positional breakdown
September 28th:    All Fantasy Teams- Same positional breakdown

Thanks to everyone for listening to the shows, reading and commenting on the blog, and contributing to the 411 throughout the year.  Each day over the next two weeks, I’ll be posting the above info.  Feel free to give your feedback!


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