Outfielder Rankings

Fantasy 411 Rankings: Outfielders

1.  Matt Holliday
2.  Grady Sizemore
3.  Carl Crawford
4.  Carlos Beltran
5.  Bobby Abreu
6.  Curtis Granderson 
7.  Ichiro
8.  Magglio Ordonez   
9.  Vladimir Guerrero   
10. Eric Byrnes
11. Carlos Lee         
12. Alfonso Soriano
13. B.J. Upton
14. Alex Rios
15. Lance Berkman
16. Adam Dunn
17. Chris B. Young
18. Torii Hunter
19. Gary Sheffield
20. Nick Markakis
21. Corey Hart
22. Shane Victorino
23. Johnny Damon
24. Hideki Matsui
25. Hunter Pence

Speed Burners

Juan Pierre
Willy Taveras 
Corey Patterson
Reggie Willits
Jerry Owens
Rajai Davis
Dave Roberts



great stuff guys i love your show and hope it continues next year as it ends this year

Johnny Damon’s stats:


11 .258 59 84 24

Does that look like the stat line of a top 25 outfielder? I thought Damon was generally considered a disappointment this year. I dropped him in a Yahoo league this year and never looked back. As he gets older, the style of baseball he plays is just going to get worse. Is there a format in which Damon is a keeper?

I agree with you! Although nagging injuries clearly played a part in Damon’s unimpressive season, how can we be assured he’ll be healthy next year? He didn’t crack my top 25. In fact, he ranked somewhere in the mid 30’s on my list. I think Mike and Cory’s ranking of Damon was based just as much on past performance as on future value. I didn’t like it when I first saw it, and still feel that way!


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